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Something Special from Wisconsin

Have you ever seen one of these special red stickers on something you purchased?

If so, you’ve helped support the agricultural industry, as well as experienced “something special” from Wisconsin.

These little red stickers represent the trademarked program Something Special from Wisconsin™.  Since 1983, the Division of Agricultural Development at the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection has been promoting Wisconsin’s locally grown and produced goods through this unique program.

Every dollar spent on products and services from this program supports local farmers, food processors, and entrepreneurs, in addition to our communities, livelihood and the Wisconsin way of life.  It is not only an investment in the state’s economy, but in its future.  When you see the trademark logo, you can be guaranteed that at least 50% of a product’s ingredients, production, or processing activities are from Wisconsin.

According to a survey done by the Hartman Group, 77% of consumers are looking to buy local food.  The Something Special from Wisconsin™ program gives grocery managers a simple and cost-effective way to promote local foods, as well as gives consumers a fast and easy way to identify these foods.  This program focusses on keeping it simple, guaranteeing integrity and adapting to the needs of its members and customers.

Hundreds of Wisconsin producers and businesses are members of the Something Special from Wisconsin™ program.  Participating in this program helps their products and services stand out above the competition, and gives them a “Wisconsin” brand identity that consumers recognize as top quality and high value.  Seeing the Something Special  from Wisconsin™ logo brings recognition and credibility, building upon Wisconsin’s reputation for providing some of the finest products and services available.

Whether it’s beef, cheese, honey, home furnishings, candles, flowers or another product, the members of this program offer a wide variety of goods for consumers to purchase.  These products are unique and of the highest quality, making them perfect for gift-giving and other special occasions.  To see a full list of the products offered through this program visit the members page on their website.  There truly is something special for everyone!

Learn more about the Something Special from Wisconsin™ program by exploring their website and following them on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.


Wisconsin…America’s Candyland?

Wisconsin is known for producing lots of quality foods, and when it comes to sweets, the state is no exception!

For many years, Wisconsin’s candy and chocolate makers have been hard at work developing new recipes and creating special products for their customers.  Most of these confectioners are part of long-standing family traditions, with their pride and craftsmanship showing through in the sweet treats they create.

Today, more and more people are giving in to the urge to feed their sweet tooth.  According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, chocolate candy dollar sales and non-chocolate candy sales have increased 3 to 4 percent per year for the past several years.  Some of this growth can be attributed to confectioners creating more sugar-free candies and low fat, low carb chocolates in response to the current health craze trends.  In addition, a survey done by the National Confectioners Association shows that  93% of women polled eat chocolate and 52% say eating chocolate makes them happy.

Speaking of chocolate, one of my Wisconsin favorites is the The Original Cow Pie!  When you first hear this, you may be thinking that sounds quite unappetizing, but you will quickly change your mind after trying it.

Baraboo Candy has been using the same recipe for the chocolate cow pies since 1981 when the company was founded.  The caramel is made from scratch in copper pots, and has to sit on top of the pecans overnight, before it is drizzled in chocolate the next day.  The cow pie is then cooled in a tunnel, packaged up and ready to ship.  Baraboo Candy is shipped around the world, but can still be found in local stores and at the headquarters in Baraboo.

Last night, a local news station aired a story about Baraboo Candy as part of its segment Made in Wisconsin.  You can view the video at the link below!

Made in Wisconsin: Baraboo Candy

When you purchase products from any Wisconsin confectioner, you will get not just a great treat, but also the benefit of knowing that you are supporting your friends, neighbors and local communities.  Visit to try the many candies and confections available from Wisconsin-owned companies.